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At the University of Edinburgh’s Vishub group, we’re looking for a postdoc / phd intern for a project to help doctors and careworkers discussing treatment pathways for (long-term) Covid patients. Start is as soon as possible for 3 months full-time (or part-time longer). Ideally the candidates lives in the UK, as otherwise visa are required which will take too long.

The project runs with colleagues from University of Edinburgh and Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh / NHS.

The rough idea is to create visual summary sheets of patient data (historic data, time in hospital, types of treatments, medication, … ) and possible decisions. These sheets should be concise and are used in group decision making. The final outcome could be a website. Interaction possible if part of the design. We could draw inspiration from infographics, data comics, cheat-sheets, dashboards.

The data is around but we need to better understand which data is most important, which information can be represented visually, how to create a concise representation.

Ideal candidate:

If you are interested, please get in touch with Ben Bach: bbach@ed.ac.uk