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Visualization researcher / designer / developer.

The VisHub group is looking for a researcher / designer / developer in visualization for late March to end June (4 months), full-time or part-time, grade 7 (£42,978/a).

The goal of this knowledge-transfer project is to conceptualise and design and prototype a dashboard for the analysis of time series data. Data is coming from sensors that monitor equipment on vessels. In collaboration with a the Scottish energy provider ADC, we are exploring ways to analyse and visualise this equipment in real-time and predict potential failures. We will work through a user-centred design methodology with workshops, regular meetings, requirement analysis, sketching, prototyping, and feedback sessions. The final outcome will be a dashboard prototype customly implemented. We will start our design process from our previous publication on Dashboard Design Patterns (IEEE VIS, 2023).

The ideal candidate

The project might attract follow-up funding later this year, if our outcomes are successful. The successful candidate will be placed at the Informatics forum / EFI in Edinburgh and be integrated into the VisHub research group. We will have weekly project meetings including Benjamin Bach (project lead, joining mostly remotely), Alex Pister, and our partners at ADC.

For any requests and questions: bbach@ed.ac.uk

The position remains open until filled. To apply, please email

Send everything to bbach@ed.ac.uk. Note that you need to proof the right-to-work in the UK for the time employed and you must stay within the limit of hours you are allowed to work.

Benjamin Bach bbach@ed.ac.uk