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Interdisciplinary research lab in data visualization and HCI at the University of Edinburgh.

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The VisHub is an interdisciplinary research lab and hub for teaching, collaboration, and outreach around data visualization hosted by the Institute for Design Informatics and the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. We research creative methods for interactive, exploratory and explanatory data visualizations across domains and environments (e.g., screen, physical, immersion). Our goal is to make data visualiztion and data analytics understandable by everyone. Find out more about our research and outreach below and don’t hestitate to get in touch.


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Research Topics & Projects

Text Analysis for Clinical Guidelines: Applying a combination of natural language processing and data visualisation to UK hospital guidelines for treating COVID-19 patients..

Visualizations in the Context of Covid19: Providing visualizations support to tackle a pandemie..

Visualizing Cultural Collection: Selected projects on visualizing cultural collections..

Dashboards: Studying and designing dashboards for a range of applications, including peace analytics, learning analytics, energy, public health..

Data Comics: Data Comics combine visual language and narrative patterns from traditional comics to tell expressive stories with data and visaulization. We explore this exciting medium and develop workshops and guiding material.

Visualization Literacy and Education: Designing visualization activities and teaching resources for education with visualization..

Engagement with Visualization: Understanding the public's engagement with data visualizations..

Geographic Visualization: Survey on geospatial networks. [geonetworks.github.io](https://geonetworks.github.io)..

Immersive Analytics: Designing visualization activities and teaching resources for education with visualization..

Network Visualization: We design, implement, and evaluate novel interactive visualizations to visualize multivariate networks with temporal and geographical aspects, such as social networks or transportation networks..

Peace & Conflict Analysis: Providing visualizations and analytical capabilities to track, explore, and communicate data around peace and conflict..

Visualization Tools: Tools for designing and developing (interactive) visualizations for exploration and communication..

Community Activities

VisHub Community Mailing List

Join our mailing list focusing on data visualization in Edinburgh, Scotland, the UK and beyond. The group is open to everyone and aims to share news, events, discussions, jobs, etc.

Chart Clinic

The Chart Clinic is an open drop-in session, once per month, for everyone to ask for advice on their visualizations. The clinic is staffed alternating with different staff from the VIShub.

Data Fairs

The data fair is an event that brings together our Master students in Design Informatics from the University of Edinburgh (School of Informatics and College of Art) and external partners (you!). We invite external partners to share their real-world data with our students, collaborate on data analysis and visualization, and ideally end up with a project that you can share publicly.

Edinburg DataVis Meetup

The monthly data vis meetup in Edinburgh, co-organized by the VIShub, open to everyone and featuring talks about visualization. Currently +1200 members.

Online Course Data Visualization for Professionals.

A 10-week long online course on data visualization for working professionals. The course is build around lectures, live tutorials, talks, Q&A sessions, individual check-in sessions with the course organizers, and project work. Each participant can join with their own data set and develop their own visualization project along the structured guidance and feedback along the 10 weeks.