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Engagement with Visualization

This project investigates how people engage with visualziations on the web; what to they think? How are they commenting? What are they interested in and what are their thought processes.

October 2021: We just :loudspeaker: launched a :chart_with_upwards_trend: visualization as a retrospective on the pandemic. Please, help our :mag: research by exploring the interface and participating in the research: corona memories (In collaboration with the Urban Complexity Lab)

People involved


Narrative medical visualization to communicate disease data: Monique Meuschke, Laura A. Garrison, Noeska N.Smit, BenjaminBach, Sarah Mittenentzwei, Veronika Weiß, Stefan Bruckner, Kai Lawonn, Bernhard Preim. Computer & Graphics. (2022).

The Public Life of Data: Investigating Reactions to Visualizations on Reddit: Tobias Kauer, Arran Ridley, Marian Dörk, Benjamin Bach. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). (2021).