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Photograph of Benjamin Bach
Benjamin Bach, Lecturer (Assistant Prof.) in Design Informatics and Visualization at the University of Edinburgh. His research designs and investigates interactive information visualization interfaces to help people explore, communicate, and understand data across media such as screens, mixed reality, paper, and physicalizations.
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Photograph of Uta Hinrichs
Uta Hinrichs, Reader (Associate Prof.) in Data Visualisation and researcher at Design Informatics and the Edinburgh Futures Institute at the University of Edinburgh. Visualization as part of Humanities Research, Digital Humanities, Visualization of Cultural Collections, Data Physicalization, Visualization and Interaction Design Processes and Prototyping, Visualization Teaching & Learning, Qualitative Research Methods.
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Photograph of Bettina Nissen
Bettina Nissen, Lecturer (Assistant Prof.) in Interaction Design and researcher in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. With a background in product and interaction design, digital fabrication and data physicalisation, her practice-based research focuses on engaging audiences with complex technological concepts and data through tangible means and makings. Research through Design, Designing with Data, Data Engagement, Data Physicalisation, Digital Fabrication.
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Photograph of Larissa Pschetz
Larissa Pschetz, interaction designer, researcher and lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. Research through design, Technology for social development, Internet of Things (IoT), Temporal design, Biodesign
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Research and Teaching

Photograph of James Scott-Brown
James Scott-Brown, Postdoctoral researcher working on network visualization.
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Photograph of Devanjan Bhattacharya
Devanjan Bhattacharya, is working with the PSRP and PeaceTech in School of Law, focussing on collaborative map visualisations for participation and mediation in peace processes, along with the School of Informatics and the School of Design.
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Photograph of Phil Heslop
Phil Heslop, is a post-doc researcher working on the "Data-driven personalised recovery care pathways after COVID-19" project. He has a background in HCI, medical informatics, educational technology, data visualisation, virtual reality, AI and games.
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Photograph of Iain Carson
Iain Carson, is an Associate Lecturer. His current teaching focuses on interactive information visualization, design and usability.
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PhD and Research Students

Photograph of Zezhong Wang
Zezhong Wang, PhD student working on Methods for Creating and Teaching Data Comics.
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Photograph of Tobias Kauer
Tobias Kauer, PhD student working on Discursive Data Visualization.
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Photograph of Mashael Hamad AlKadi
Mashael Hamad AlKadi, PhD student working on Learning Analytics.
Photograph of John Harper-Lee
John Harper-Lee, working on Biological Data Analysis.
Photograph of Ryan Bowler
Ryan Bowler, informatics PhD student researching ways to understand and implement the complexities of human time within Human-Computer-Interactions.
Photograph of Lucy Havens
Lucy Havens, PhD Student on Retrieving Bias in Cultural Collections using Natural Language Processing and Visualization.
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Photograph of Sarah Schöttler
Sarah Schöttler, PhD student working on non-map-based ways of visualizing geographic data.
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