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Peace & Conflict Analysis

This project aims at providing visualizations and analytical capabilities to track, explore, and communicate data around peace and conflict. This project is joint work with Prof. Chrstine Bell and her Political Settlements Research Programme.

People involved


Designing an interactive real-time web-mapped dashboard to visualise conflict ceasefires data over COVID-19 infection rates: Facilities and the way ahead: Devanjan Bhattacharya, Sanja Badanjak, Christine Bell, Fiona Knaussel, Laura Wise, John Allison, Benjamin Bach. IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology. (2022).

Ways of Seeing: Peace Process Data-Viz as Research Practice: Christine Bell, Benjamin Bach, Tobias Kauer. Convergence. (2022).

An interactive tracker for ceasefires in the time of COVID-19: John Allison, Sanja Badanjak, Benjamin Bach, Christine Bell, Devanjan Bhattacharya, Fiona Knaussel, Laura Wise. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 21(6), 764-765. (2021). [WEB] [VIDEO]

PaxVis: Visualizing Peace Agreements: Lucy Havens, Mengting Bao, Larissa Pschetz, Benjamin Bach, Christine Bell. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). (2019). [WEB]

Application-Based COVID-19 Micro-Mobility Solution for Safe and Smart Navigation in Pandemics: Sumit Mishra, Nikhil Singh, Devanjan Bhattacharya. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 10(8), 571. (2021). [WEB]