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Visualization Literacy and Education

Visualization literacy is the ability to read, write, and create graphical representations of data using digital or physical artefacts. This is a key asset for any informed use and critical engagement with visual representations of data in every domain of the society; whether this includes the presentation of epidemiological data and model outcomes, the communication of government demographics data and social inequalities, dissemination of research findings, or to allow the public to understand timely issues with climate change or peace and conflict. However, understanding the potential of visualization, mastering its methods and tools as well as critically engaging with data and visualizations can be a challenge to large parts of the population and workforce. As visualization researchers and educators who engage in continuous professional development, public outreach, and applied research projects, we know about these challenges first-hand.

We are researching both, how do people engage with visualizations online and which thoughts do they share, as well as how we can teach novices the fundamentals and tools in data visualization. To that end, we have create visualization cheat sheets and an online course for professionals. We also run the VisActivities Workshop series at IEEE VIS in 2020 and 2021.

We are currently planning and investigating more VisActivities and aim to understand how novices understand novel visualizations and how they navigate interactive visualization environments.

People involved


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