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Pen, Touch, Screens, and Projection

Microsoft Surface Hub S2

Very large portable touch screen. Runs its own instance of windows and connects to the web. Display any website. Needs power to run.

Microsoft Surface Hub

50’’ pen + touch display on movable stand, running either on battery or plug electiciy.

Large, portable touch screen.


Microsoft Surface Studio 2

28’’ pen and touch display. Movable from screen-mode (vertical screen) to studio-mode (almost horizontal). Great for skeching, large screen visualizaion, collaborative touch applications.


Microsoft Surface Book 2

13’’ and 15’’ laptop with detachable display and pen+touch surface. Ready for touch applications and AR.x



XGIMI Aura Ultra-short throw projector

This projector can be placed at any wall and will project on that wall. It is an ultra-short throw projector. That means that people can comfortably stand in front of the projection without creating any shadow. The projector stops as soon as someone moves their head too close to the laser. Includes a sound system. The projector can be used as a 2nd screen, connected to a computer.

XGIMI Halo+ portable projector

Small portable projector as second screen. Comes with battery and doesn’t need electricity. Sound system in-built.