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Applying for a PhD at Edinburgh University

Possible PhD Topics

PhD in the UK

A PhD in the UK is set for 3 years and requires a Master or equivalent. This system is similar to the German and French one, but slightly different from the US and Canadian one. A PhD in the UK is research-only with no need to take classes. Research proposals and 1st supervisor are required at the time of application. If you wish, you can get extra pay for getting involved in teaching as a teaching assistant. A PhD comes with a salary for 3 years and tuition fees apply, depending on your nationality (see below). You can apply and start a PhD all around the year, though there are stricter deadlines for scholarships (usually between Oct-Feb). The academic year in the UK is dived into 3 trimesters; Oct-Dec (semester 1), Jan-April (semester 2), May-Sept (summer). There is teaching only in semester 1 + 2. I am supervising master and undergraduate students all around the year.

How to apply (for a PhD supervised by me)

There are several options:

You can set the starting date as you wish. There are little contrails from my side. However, there are notification deadlines for the tuition funding.

Tuition fees and scholarships

PhD Funding Opportunities

There are three types of scholarships. Those who cover your salary,  those who cover your tuition, if you are not an EU/UK citizen, and those covering both (if you are an EU/UK citizen, you don’t pay any tuition, thanks to the Scottish Government). There is a range of options for either and I encourage you to check your own sources. The list below certainly is incomplete.

A search interface is provided here: https://www.ed.ac.uk/student-funding/search-scholarships

Covering salary only

Applicants must also apply to Edinburgh Global to cover tuition costs.

Covering salary plus EU/UK tuition

Covering salary and oversea tuition

#Awards by geographical region: https://www.ed.ac.uk/student-funding/postgraduate/international/region

Covering Tuition only

Amendmends (2nd year students)


Space for Personal development

Institute for Academic Development

Points of contact