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PhD in Visualising Complex Care Pathways in Later Life

Project Summary

Health care in later life is complex and hard to navigate. We aim to apply a combination of data visualisation, illustration, natural language processing, and process modelling to medical guidelines and patient care data, so as to visualise care pathways that are personalised to individual patients and easy to understand. Our ambition is that these interactive visualisations can help people in later life gain a deeper understanding of their trajectories of care, as well as enable discussions with specialists and family members around adapting care to their wishes, priorities and needs.


To visualise personalised care pathways to individuals in later life to help understand, explore, and discuss with doctors and family members.


Supervisor Team


This PhD is funded by the Advanced Care Research Center (ACRC) at the Usher Institite, Edinburgh. All applications will go through ACRC but we strongly encourage to get in touch with the supervisor team before applying. The ACRC runs a 1+3 program, which means that

While all of the research for this project will be done at the School of Informatics and the Usher Institute, the successful candidate will graduate from the School of Engineering. The PhD candidate will also be part of the Visual+Interactive Data group and https://www.designinformatics.org and invited to join any group and reading group meetings. We strongly encourage collaborations within the group and our wide network of collaborators. The principal supervisor plans to meet weekly with the PhD candidate to assure close supervision and support.

Required skills:

Relevant skills

Funding and Program Information


Deadline for applications will be around late January 2021.

It is strongly advised to contact us before application with

The final decision of acceptance will be made through the CDT.

Apply here: https://www.ed.ac.uk/usher/advanced-care-research-centre/academy/how-to-apply.

Relevant References