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Immersive Visualization in Mixed and Virtual Reality

Problem: Lots of data is embedded into specific spatial contexts, such as, sensors, transportation, architecture, data about books in libraries, or even on an infographic on paper, poster, or screen. Visualizing these data on displays causes a mismatch between the specific local context (e.g., where exactly is the sensor located?) and the representation of the respective data. This mismatch can be bridged by mixed reality that projects visual representations directly into a viewers’ field of view, overlaying it with reality.

Approach: This project investigates effective and creative techniques to design visualizations in mixed reality for a range of potential use cases. The project will study design processes, guidelines, and interaction techniques for cases in real-world as well as hybridizing content from mixed reality and traditional presentation media such as paper and screens.

Skillset: Mixed reality, Unity, JavaScript or C#, visualization design, graphics design.

Contact: Benjamin Bach