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Considering a PhD at the VisHub Lab

If you consider a PhD at the VisHub, please carefully read the following information and get in touch with one of the possible faculty.


We always have a list of topics. Either these are open topics related to our research or these are funded projects. In any case, get in touch with a potential superisor early in the process to discuss your ideas and directions. It may turn out that the topic is not really fitting our expertise and we are not able to help you.

To come up with a topic, we advise you to


Start the process of planning for a PhD as early as possible. For example, if you are a Design Informtics students, get in touch with us early in the program if you are thinking about a PhD. We can help you with possible internships for a variety of reasons:


To start your PhD, you/we need full 3 years of funding for your stipend and your tuition fees. Tuition fees vary depending on your nationality (UK or non-UK) and are higher for non-UK nationals. Get in touch with us to understand funding. Also, reach out yourself to funding from organizations or your government.

Supervision and group activities

You need at least 2 supervisors for your PhD. One will be one of the faculty of the VisHub. The other one can be from anywhere in the world and should match the expertise in your topic. Please feel free to suggest possible supervisors and discuss with us.

If you are accepted as a PhD student, we usually meet at least once a week for 1h. That may vary with priorities and tasks.

You will join our weekly group meetings where we discuss ongoing research, discuss papers, and give practice talks. You will also join our monthly PhD seminar where we discuss research methodology.

You are generally free to collaborate with anyone in the group and outside and we are always open to collaborations. However, please discuss with your supervisors.