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Benjamin Bach

Benjamin is a Lecturer in Design Informatics and Visualization at the University of Edinburgh. He is co-leading the VisHub Lab. His research designs and investigates interactive information visualization interfaces to help people explore, communicate, and understand data across media such as screens, mixed reality, paper, and physicalizations.


Office: Informatics Forum (IF 4.30), 10 Crichton St, Edinburgh

Research Interest

Short Bio

Before joining the University of Edinburgh in 2017, Benjamin worked as a postdoc at Harvard University (Visual Computing Group), Monash University, as well as the Microsoft-Research Inria Joint Centre. Benjamin was visiting researcher at the University of Washington and Microsoft Research in 2015. He obtained his PhD in 2014 from the Université Paris Sud where he worked at the Aviz Group at Inria. The PhD thesis entitled Connections, Changes, and Cubes: Unfolding Dynamic Networks for Visual Exploration got awarded an honorable mention as the Best Thesis by the IEEE Visualization Committee. In 2019, Benjamin got awarded the Eurographics Young Researcher Award and the TVCG 2021 Visualization Significant New Researcher Award.



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